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WordPress Websites: Buyer Beware? It doesn’t have to be. Part 2 of 4

This is post #2 in a 4 part series.

To find out why I wrote this series and/or to find out the first question that I recommend you ask your potential website designer please visit “WordPress Websites: Buyer Beware? It doesn’t have to be. Part 1 of 4”


Here is another question to ask to possibly avoid the case scenarios noted in Part 1 of 4.

  1. Custom design versus Prebuilt WordPress Themes
    From the above examples that I mentioned you might be thinking that I don’t like custom website designs for WordPress. This is not the case. I have an issue when the custom design doesn’t leverage the functionality that WordPress comes with. What I mean is that it isn’t right if important pieces of the website (i.e. navigation bars, right hand sidebars, page content) can only be edited if you have knowledge of programming and styling languages (i.e PHP, CSS, Javascript). You are using WordPress because you want to be able to edit your website which includes being able to easily add, edit or remove pages, content, navigation items, etc.

    If you are going with a custom WordPress theme design ask the designer if you will be able to easily be able to add website content to any page and navigation items without knowing any website programming. Better yet have them show you an example of a site they designed and how easy it is to add a page or navigation item.

Please check back weekly as we publish the remaining 2 questions.

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