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WordPress Websites: Buyer Beware? It doesn’t have to be. Part 4 of 4

This is our final post in this 4 part series.

To find out why I wrote this series and/or to find out the first question that I recommend you ask your potential website designer please visit “WordPress Websites: Buyer Beware? It doesn’t have to be. Part 1 of 4”

Find below the other 2 articles if you haven’t had a chance to review them.

Here is another question to ask to possibly avoid the case scenarios noted in Part 1 of 4.

  1. WordPress Training
    It is not uncommon to find me at a coffee shop sitting with a frustrated business owner pouring over their WordPress website and showing them the basic functionality of their WordPress site.

    More often than not people work with website designers to get a WordPress website and after the site goes live, the client gets a link to a login page, the username and password and is told “Congratulations your website is live.  You can use your login details to go into WordPress and update your site.  The system is pretty simple to use.  Thanks for your business.”.  And that’s the end of it.

    WordPress is a very well-known content management system.  There are hundreds, if not countless thousands, of YouTube videos available to show you how WordPress works.  However here is what you’re not told.  Most videos will show you the basic installation of WordPress with a simple look and feel and show you how to edit a website.  Your website however is probably more complicated than that.  The WordPress theme (what controls the look and feel of your website) has probably altered how the core WordPress installation functions and so the YouTube videos aren’t giving you training that will really help you.

    If you want to be able to update your website yourself please ask your website designer the following questions.

    1. Is website training on my specific website in WordPress included in the cost you have given me?
    2. If the answer is no training is included ask them what will it cost to have training? If they tell you “Oh you don’t need any training. You won’t have any problems.  It’s a simple system to use!” AND if you are not enthusiastic at figuring out technology issues do not accept this answer.If you get that answer, ask them to show you what “simple” means to them and have them tour you around a WordPress site they have done in the past that would be similar to yours.  This will give a feel for WordPress and determine if you’re comfortable without training.
    3. If yes, find out how many hours are included in this training? What supporting documents, videos, etc. are included in training?   What kind of support will you have after the site goes live when you have a question 1, 2, 3 or 6 months down the road?

These are the main questions that I would ask a website designer if you’re looking at getting a WordPress website.  I believe that the answers you get will allow you to make a better and more informed decision as to who is the right fit to create your website.

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