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We’ve all written “Click here”…here’s why we shouldn’t.

Let me ask you this….if you’re trying to find a specific product or service through a Google search, do you type in the keywords of the product or service or do you type in “Click here”?  I think we all know what your answer is going to be!

This post is about making sure that your website content, and more specifically the links in your website content, are as specific as possible.

Does this example look familiar to you?

To view our product brochure click here.

The way a search engine translates this sentence is that there is regular text and a text link.  The linked text says “click here” so that must be the focal point of the sentence.

But we know that people aren’t searching for “click here”.  So what if we changed the sentence a bit to the example below.

View more details on our Super Duper Squirrel Suit.

To a search engine this sentence is still a combination of regular text and a text link.  However the linked text is far more specific because it contains keywords and so the search engine knows the focal point of this sentence is Super Duper Squirrel Suit.


Look around your website and see where you find generalities when it comes to your website content text links (i.e. Click here, learn more, read more) and rewrite them to contain keywords.


  1. The above technique is a part of search engine optimization (SEO).  SEO is the science of writing website content that Google (or other search engines) will read and index (remember) so that when someone does a search for keywords that match your content, your website will come up higher in the search results.
  2. Always try to get rid of general texts like “Click here”, “Learn more”, etc. in your website content.  In some cases you might not be able to control all your website content (i.e. button text) due to website template settings.  But where you can change it, it is t your advantage that you do.
  3. Do not go overboard with this or any other search engine optimization technique.  When you’re looking at the content you have been working on and it has more links than regular text and you’re linking up full keyword packed sentences you have gone too far. Search engines will get upset and people reading your site will leave because it’s too overwhelming.

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