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Video on “Is your website up and running?”

Did you know….

That unless your website is blogging down your third party website server (i.e. HostPapa, GoDaddy, etc) due your site being attacked, your host doesn’t tell you when your site goes down because they are having issues.

This 3.5 minute video will show you how to enable an alert in Google Analytics so that you can track  if your website is still collecting data and if it is still up and running!

As per the video below if you do get an email alert from your Google Analytics account that you had less than 1 session in a 24 hour period.  You want to test if your website is up and running in two ways:

  1.  Go to your website address and see if you see your site. No matter if you can or cannot see your site you will want to continue to Step 2 to verify if others can or cannot see your site.


  2. Go to and put in your website address in the box provided and click “or just me?” text.  It will tell you if the site is down universally.

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