Thanks for your interest in getting a website audit.

Thank you for your interest in getting a website audit.

What to Expect

  1. Our website strategist, Tanya, will contact you in the next 1-2 business days to ask you a few questions about your website and to request access to view your website statistics.
    NOTE:  Don’t worry if you do not have site statistics enabled. We can still do an audit, but it might take a bit longer.
  2. Once you have chatted with Tanya and she has access to your site statistics, she will perform the website design analysis and statistics audit.
  3. You will hear from Tanya when she has compiled notes on her findings.  She will setup a date and time to have a discussion with you about what she discovered.
  4. After your discussion with Tanya, she will email you a summary of the findings, and any thoughts, ideas and strategies that came from your conversation.

Thanks in advance for allowing us to perform a website audit on your site.  We are excited to get started.


The Platypi Team