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Your Website Needs To Build Trust

  • Did your previous website design process leave you feeling nervous about what you got yourself into and skeptical on what will be delivered?
  • Did you know that specific website design elements can help you build trust with your clients?
  • Have you thought about your website content strategy?
  • Has your business website design exceeded the average lifespan of 3-4 years old?
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Is Investing In A Website Worth It?

Your website is the online extension of your business and serves your clients 24/7.  For this reason the website strategy needs to be well thought out and  executed correctly.  Among other things, your website needs to capture your business’s culture, build trust, show credibility, and specifically speak to your target audience(s).

It takes approximately 7 touch points for people to do business with a company.  With more and more people doing online research before they engage with the business itself, your website becomes a business tool that you need to invest in.

But Why Platypi?

There are countless website design businesses, with different price points, and varying degrees of core competencies.  So how do you choose?  In our opinion it is all about trust.  Here is a little bit about us.

  • We have over 14 years in website design and business experience
  • We don’t just build websites. We build ongoing trusted business relationships that last decades.
  • We believe in honesty, respect, collaboration and adding value
  • Websites launch on time and on budget
  • Our ideal client is someone who understands the value of building a strong online relationship with their clients, and wants to work together to achieve that goal.

What Clients Are Saying

Tom Trewartha

Thanks for guiding me through the process. It all made sense to me and I'm really looking forward to moving forward with this project.

I liked your style and approach and I did feel that you did (and did your best) to understand the business, me and what I was trying to achieve (which I don't know sometimes!) and I'm confident that you will do a quality job and deliver a great service.

Tom Trewartha Traction Teambuilding Adelaide, South Australia June 21, 2017

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