Website Safety Net

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

  • Are hackers being blocked from entering your website?
  • Can you be sure that your website is virus-free and safe for your visitors to come to?
  • Do you think that just because you’re a smaller fish in the internet pond that your website is safe?
  • Do you know when your site goes down or how to fix it when it does?
Website Hacker

You Can Avoid The Risks

If your business has a website then it is at risk of being hacked.  Hacked websites take a variety of forms including unwanted ads on your website, trying to install a virus on your client’s computer, or causing issues on your host server so they shut down your site temporarily, to name a few.

The Platypi Safety Net Package combines industry leading WordPress security software and our technical expertise to deliver a premium security package so you are free to work on your business.

Keep Your Website And Clients Safe

Websites have many moving pieces and it is vital that they are being monitored in order to avoid the consequences.  The Website Safety Net includes:

  • WordPress firewall
  • WordPress antivirus scanning
  • Create and store remotely a full back up of website files and database every 6 months
  • Semi-annual back up and testing service which includes downloading a local copy of your website files and database and testing them on a remote server to ensure the back up works correctly.
  • Uptime/downtime scanning
  • Reviewing all notifications
  • Taking action as required to resolve site issues

Want to manage your own WordPress security? Get the software!

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