Website Design and Statistics Audit

What you don’t know can hurt your business

Let the science of website statistics and today’s design principles guide your website strategy decisions

How Is Your Website Performing?

  • Do you feel like updating your website is a waste of time?
  • If you do update your site, are you merely guessing what your prospects and clients want to know about?
  • Do you think website statistics are boring and challenging to understand?
  • Does your site design encourage people to take action?
  • Are you connecting with your prospects and clients?
Website Audit

Website Audit Discoveries Excite Our Clients

A website audit is critical when you want to find out how your website is performing today so that you can develop smart strategies to make the site work even better for your business.

We love to do website design and statistics audits because the discoveries we make excite our clients.   The information that we gain from the audit, allows us to discover missed opportunities and offer up suggestions on how you can communicate more effectively with your prospects and clients.

What Clients Are Saying

Tanya goes beyond a simple audit to offer solutions, solve problems and make improvements.

Chris Turnbull The Index House Edmonton, AB

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What opportunities are you missing?

If you’re interested in finding out how you can make your website work harder for your business, a website audit is a great place to start.  An audit includes:

  1.  A website strategist carefully analyzing your website design and statistics.
  2. You will participate in a detailed conversation with the website strategist to discuss the findings.
  3. After your discussion with the strategist, we will email you a summary the findings, and any thoughts, ideas and stratgies that came from that conversation.

We have no doubt that through this website audit you will learn things about your website visitors that you never knew.  Let us show you what we can find!

Website audit cost: $500 (not including taxes)

NOTE:  Don’t worry if you do not have site statistics enabled on your site yet, we can still do an audit but it might take a bit longer.

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