Website Strategy & Maintenance

Keep Your Website Working For You

  • Are you short on time but know that you need to update your website?
  • Do you value ongoing, timely and informative answers to your website questions?
  • How would quarterly strategy sessions improve your business performance?
  • Do you want to extend the life of your website design?
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Protect Your Investment

You invested a significant amount of time, energy, expertise and money getting your website created.  The best way to protect your investment is to actively pay attention to your website so that it continues to work for you.

To make this process easier for you we partner you with our engaged and experienced website strategist to support you and your business goals.

Show That You Care

A website that is always up to date and engaging is the best way to earn a client’s trust.  So why not leverage this vital business tool as well as show your clients that you care about them.  It’s a win-win situation!  Our client nurturing services include:

  • Quarterly website and business strategy sessions with our website strategist
  • Regular website performance reviews including website statistics
  • Content updates
  • Phone/email support on website questions
  • Reminder notices

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