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Creating websites through a fusion of science and design

Is your website actually working for you?

Your website right now is probably based on current design theory and standard design practices.

That’s good but it’s really only a bunch of randomly placed corporate images and text if it was not built based on historical data of how your website visitors flowed through your past website.

So you can continue to let your site be frustrating for website visitors to use and miss valuable opportunities, or you can do something about it.

The smart way to go is to design around your historical website data, and then infuse aesthetics. After all you’re interested in leveraging your law firm online, not just a pretty brochure.

Bored at the computer

Is your website design outdated, uninspired and dull?

Our web design team assists law firms discover and leverage their website’s untapped potential.

Your website is making the first impression of your law firm for you. In seconds your site needs to convince the visitor you are the clear choice to work with.

There are a lot of uninspired, average law firm websites out there. Don’t be one of them.

Your data will tell us what needs to happen to improve your website’s performance.

Don't believe us? See what our clients have to say.

Concept Homes Logo

Our Website is fully launched. The site is in place and working as planned. We finally have a brand new, mobile-friendly website.

A huge thank you to Tanya Riemann of Platypi Designs and her crew for creating this robust and aesthetic site for us. We appreciate Tanya's creative ideas and hard work. Tanya is a diligent website expert who truly has our company's best interest in mind every step of the way.

Marion Hinteregger Concept Homes Edmonton, AB

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