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The Secrets to Building a Powerful Personal Brand

I love to listen to Pick of the Bunch Podcasts by Basic Bananas.  Recently I listened to a podcast where Erik Hatterscheidt, a cofounder of Basic Bananas, interviewed Dan Lok a serial entrepreneur and millionaire mentor.

In the interview Dan shares his story of how he became the millionaire that he is today.  He touches on how many attempts he made before the tables turned and he was successful.  Interestingly, he attributes the turn around on having a mentor.

Dan paints an interesting picture of a young man using various techniques to build up his business and achieving great success but in the end not feeling fulfilled with the life he was leading.   He also outlined what steps he took to turn his business around so that it served him and his customers better.

He shares what techiques work when building a business, what mindset to have, and discusses different business models and their advantages and disadvantages.  He follows the “high transaction value” model and believe me it gives you some food for thought!

I encourage you to listen to this podcast and see if you apply some of Dan’s lessons to your business.

Listen to the Basic Bananas Podcast

NOTE:  The Basic Bananas podcast with Dan Lok does contain some profanities.

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