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Reviews say Google seminar was a success!

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I want to say thank you to all who attended our Demystifying Google Analytics seminar on February 12, 2018 at   We had a great turn out.  We had company employees, business professionals, computer techs and entrepreneurs around the table asking great questions and getting the answers they were looking for.

Find below some reviews we received:

Data is the new economy and essential to an forms of communication and sales conversion.  Google Analytics offers a lot of information on what my buisness needs to focus on going forward.

Pamela Muñoz PR Consult February 12, 2018

Practical scenarios/exapmles that were showed in the seminar to understand things better is something that I really liked.

Karunpreet Kaur F12 Media Technologies February 12, 2018

This seminar helped me see how effective Google Analytics could be in managing my online presence.

Amber Alexander Pitch Process February 12, 2018

Great overview of Google Analytics.

Richard Miller Tech Friendly February 12, 2018

This seminar has great content.  Thank you for your time and help!

Rajiv Juneja Padgett Business Services February 12, 2018

Great overview of Google Analytics and its function.

Chis Turnbull The Index House February 12, 2018

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