Traction Teambuilding

Project Details

Traction Teambuilding is one of Platypi’s first international clients.  Traction Teambuilding is based in Adelaide, Australia.

Traction Teambuilding has been helping businesses build and sustain awesome and high performing teams through 2 different methods.  They offer guided leadership, team and customer service development programs over a period of several weeks to maximize employees’ talents.  As well they offer fun and adventure programs which foster team building and fun in a challenging, usually outdoor, activity.

Traction Teambuilding had been working with various WordPress website developers to upgrade the website piece by piece however over time the website was no longer in a state where Traction Teambuilding could manage or maintain their site.  This was a problem.

Platypi was brought in to assess the size of the website, discuss what sections were working and not working and provide a game plan as to how to easily move forward with a website that Traction could update.

In the end a new website theme was selected, the website home page which was recently redesigned was replicated and the rest of the website pages were updated as well.  Platypi created over 40+ videos to help Traction Teambuilding take control over their website.

We are proud to announce that the website went live early September 2017.

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