LJP Skills Training Inc.

Project Details

LJP Skills Training Inc. has been a client of Platypi Designs Inc. since 2008. The time came for the LJP Skills web site to get a facelift. The old web site used older technology and the site was not responsive.

LJP Skills pride themselves on being a private welding college in Guelph, Ontario. If you look at other welding college web sites you’ll notice that all of the sites tend to be very dark in colour and very masculine. LJP’s corporate branding includes colours of green, grey and blue so we were in a great position again to play with their colours and make a bright and inviting WordPress web site.

The audience they attract come from all walks of life so we knew we needed to make the site easy to navigate, responsive and welcoming to both men and women.

LJP Skills Training

Website: ljpskills.ca

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