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Platypi is looking for a future VP of Sales


The Sales Position

Are you interested in making $60,000 – $70,000 a year in commissions and bonuses?  How about having a flexible work schedule? Do you love the freedom of working for a business with a virtual team rather than a bricks and mortar business?

We’re offering you the opportunity to work and grow with Platypi Designs.  Our vision is that you take control over your financial destiny by meeting, or better yet, exceeding our given sales quotas and making the most of our attractive commission package and bonus structure.

Initially this is a commission only sales position.  The commission rate to start is 20% on each website package sold which averages $1100 commission per sale.  Selling our add-on services will also earn you quarterly bonuses.

Platypi is excited about the future as we start to launch our growth strategy plan.  Our hope is that over time you will be earning over 6 figures for your efforts in building, motivating and supporting a well performing sales team.


  • can’t live without technology in your life (i.e. websites, mobile devices,social media)
  • know what WordPress is and ideally have some experience with this or other content management systems for websites
  • have dabbled in the tech world maybe by having created websites way back when (not mandatory)
  • love solving people’s business problems
  • only sell what you can stand behind
  • are a super star at taking cold leads and converting them to sales
  • are the one that people trust to ask for advice or opinions from
  • find opportunities to always keep learning
  • were the one who was disappointed when you got 99% on a midterm exam and proceeded to speak with the instructor to negotiate for the extra 1%
  • want to work with someone you can have a great conversation with over a coffee or beer


  • treat every client we have with respect and appreciation
  • are excited as we move into our new niche market of offering website solutions to law firms
  • can’t live without our clients, our business associates, our technology, having pets in the office and sticky notes
  • have a vision board that reminds us to shoot for the stars and to work hard to achieve your goals
  • bake cookies to show our appreciation for our team members, business associates and clients
  • know our strengths and weaknesses and so this is where you come in

Your tasks will include:

  • Lead generation
    Note: We can supply cold leads (across Canada) to start with for the first few weeks.  We will provide training on how you can research and source your own leads.
  • Log your leads and progress in an online sales tool provided to you by Platypi
  • Contact at least 15 law firms per week
  • Close at least 1 sale per week
  • Participate in weekly check in calls with Platypi owner for status updates

The Application Process

  • Apply for this position with your resume, cover letter, and 2 references
  • Applications can be sent to
  • We will contact the individuals that we would like to interview
  • First interview is with the owner of Platypi
  • We will contact you if you have been selected for a second interview
  • Second interview is with 3rd party consultant with a speciality in sales
  • If you are selected you will be presented with a conditional offer dependant on your performance in the trial period
  • The 2 week trial period is to see if you’re a good fit for this position
  • If the 2 week trial is successful then a formal contract will be provided

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