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My password is what?!?

Have you ever gotten a ridiculous password from your website designer to access your WordPress account?  It probably looks like a spoon full of alphabet soup with a couple of numbers and symbols tossed in for good measure.  The website designer is taking a WordPress security measure.

There is a reason your WordPress password looks like this X8ozwp5rFn$&ua. And here’s why:

  1. Hackers know where to find the login page of WordPress
    WordPress is an open source content management system so that means that every installation of WordPress has the same core files, including the login page.Hackers know where to find the login page and program robots to try to log into your website.  They try all sorts of different combinations.  If they get the right username and password – BINGO they get in.NOTE:  This issue applies not just to WordPress but most content management systems.
  2. Because ‘FluffyBunny123!’ is just too weak
    Nameless faceless hackers aren’t the only ones that might want to cause you grief. Let’s say a business relationship has gone sour but they have known you for years.  Having a simple password could be your downfall.
  3. But my site has protection….
    There are a lot of plugins as well as software that can help protect WordPress websites. Some even will give more protection to the login page specifically.No amount of website protection should make you feel safe enough to change your complicated password to the one you use for EVERYTHING.  It’s just not a good idea.

Sure you can go and log into WordPress and then update your account password to something easy however whether you like it or not trouble is going to try bang your front door down, so why hand over the keys to get in?!?

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