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Part 1: Avoiding inconsistent image sizes

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When people take on the task of building their own WordPress website one of the frustrations that they experience is inconsistent results when replacing the images of the theme they are using.

To get the consistent look and feel that your theme has, you need to know what the image dimensions are for the theme you are using so you can create images with the same height and width.  The most common example I can think of for this is when you want to add a new blog post but you have no idea what size feature image you need for the post.  Your theme probably has a sample blog post with an image – but what are the dimensions?

The example below will walk you through finding out the dimensions of a blog post feature image.

NOTE:  The browser Firefox makes finding out the height and width of an image easy.  Other browsers do not have same functionality.

Step 1

You will want to go to the blog post page, which will probably have the largest format of the blog image you need to creatae.  Right click on the image to show a drop down menu.    When you see the drop down menu, select “View image info”.

View image info

Step 2

This will pop up a window with a lot of information.  You’re looking for “Dimensions”. You do not want to know the scaled dimensions but the original dimensions. See screen shot below.
NOTE:  Image dimensions are always WIDTH x HEIGHT


Image dimensions

With that information you can then resize or crop your image to those dimensions thereby ensuring that your blog images are always a consistent size no matter how or where the theme displays them.  See screen shot below for what the results are of images that are sized consistently.

Consistent image sizes

In the next blog post I will give you the tools to resize your images to the dimensions you need.



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