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Our Superpower Revealed

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Back in January 2017 my business class instructor asked all of us “if you had a superpower what would it be?”  At that time I didn’t have an answer.  I drew a complete blank.

Eleven months later after much reflection, one custom survey, helping and listening to my clients my superpower is RELIABILITY.

While reliability is a very broad term, to me reliability encompasses the following aspects:

  • Quick response times
    Too often I have heard people tell me that they emailed a website designer and days later they are still waiting for a response.

    When a communication comes in I try to reach out quickly (usually 2-4 hours) with an email or phone call to provide you with the answer you’re looking for. If I don’t have an answer right away I will provide you with a date and time as to when  you can expect an answer.
  • Commitment to deadlines
    When we give a date and time for when we are going to deliver an answer, project quote, website design draft, etc, we honour that commitment.
  • Consistency
    No matter what interaction you have with us, or what we are doing for you, we deliver consistency through your experience with us and quality of work.

Ok so it’s not a sexy superpower.  I’ll admit is sounds quite dull.  However I can tell you that my clients know that when they reach out to me I’m there for them.  I can honestly say that this superpower is a key factor in many of our clients doing business with us for almost a decade.

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