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We officially have core values

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Since January 2017 we have been learning a lot from our small business coaching course that we enrolled in.

I spent the first 3 months reflecting on Platypi Designs and where I would like to see the company in the future.  A part of this reflection included determining our core values.

We have always been known for our personal approach to business however we never officially stated what our core values were as a company.

After a lot of thought we have officially determined what Platypi brings to the table and what you should expect from working with us.


Throughout your time working with us you can expect us to be honest with you.  Honest discussions lead to the right decisions being made on both sides.

Always Add Value

In each project discussion we strive to offer a new idea, way of thinking, or method that will help you progress with your upcoming website tasks.


For a project to be successful, it is essential that your time, expertise and opinions are valued and respected.


We value your opinions and ideas.  Through open discussions we can blend your ideas with our technical knowledge and produce great results.

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