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Integrity Pipeline Products website goes live

We have been working with Integrity Pipeline Products since we built their first 1 page website in 2016.  The intent was always to grow the website to something bigger down the road and in 2018 the time was right.

Integrity Pipeline Products knew exactly what they wanted from their future multi-page website.  It needed to be clean, crisp and most of all showcase what they carried in terms of brands as well as products.  They knew that some of their clientele would look specifically for a particular brand while others would be looking for a specific product.

Their new website has been a great success.  They have seen more form submissions and earned more business just by making sure that everything they offered is easy to find on the site.

Find out more about the Integrity Pipeline Products website | Visit the Integrity Pipeline Products website

Excellent customer service and quality product.

Geoff Kerr Integrity Pipeline Products Ltd. Cambridge, ON May 28, 2018

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