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Platypi moving back to Ontario

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After 5 years of working and living in Edmonton, Alberta the time has come for Platypi Designs Inc. to come back to Ontario.  Tanya, the lead website strategist at Platypi, will be driving back with her two fuzzies (Tuna the dog and Mazey the cat) starting July 6.

While on the road Tanya will be checking her emails and voicemails periodically.  In the evenings when they have settled into their hotel she will catch up on emails.  She will tackle as many email requests as possible in the eveings however some non-urgent requests might be scheduled for completion when the office is back up and running in Mississauga, Ontario on Friday July 13.

If your matter is of an urgent nature please call 1 855 454 9136 and leave a voicemail and Tanya will get back to you as soon as she can.

Thank you to Alberta for 5 great years!  Thank you to everyone for your patience while Platypi Designs is en route to Ontario.

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