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Client training is now available on video


Up until now Platypi clients who request WordPress training receive a couple of carefully crafted PDF manuals for basic WordPress default editor functionality as well as a manual on how to resize images properly for web sites.  In addition to those 2 manuals, they also received a custom PDF training document that highlighted special features of their specific web site along with step by step instructions on how to manage specific areas of the site that would need frequent updating.

As of January 2017, Platypi has changed their training methodology to short training videos.  Videos range in length from 3 minutes to around 15 minutes but the average length is around 6-7 minutes.

All the content from the former PDF manuals have been converted to step by step videos and clients will still receive custom training guides but in the form of videos.  The Platypi Training web site has client login access so that clients only see the custom training videos that pertain to their project.

We are excited about this new development and hope that our clients are pleased with the new format.

Screen shot of the landing page for Platypi Training Website.
Screen shot of the landing page for Platypi Training Website.

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