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Choosing a WordPress Theme

Here are a few tips on how to figure out if you’re buying a WordPress theme from a reputable developer.

  1. I recommend using themeforest through Envato Market to find a WordPress theme. Here you can find lots of themes by lots of developers in one location. You can always find themes by doing a google search however most of the themes that we source come from themeforest.
  2. In themeforest, when you are searching for a WordPress theme you will want to make sure that the theme you are looking for has some kind of a visual builder tool. It makes building more complex page designs easier.  Please note that I said “easier” not easy!  The visual builder tool that I recommend is Visual Composer.

    When you have searched for a WordPress theme, on the left hand side you can filter your results.  I would filter it by only showing themes that are compatible with Visual Composer.Compatible with Visual Composer
  3. When you are looking at individual WordPress themes that you like I always do the following things:
    1. Spend some time looking over the Reviews, Comments and Support tab. You can get a lot of insight into how responsive and helpful the theme developer is through these tabs.  The support tab will tell you what kind of support they offer – by email, through an online ticketing system and if they offer customization services.Reviews Comments and Support tabs
    2. I click on the Live Preview button and play with the demo website quite a lot. I look for functionality that I like, dislike, what I might want to change.  I test the site on desktop, tablet, and phone.
    3. I then submit a question through the Comments tab to see firsthand what the developer’s responsiveness is like. I almost always have questions that I want answered before I buy the theme.
  4. Theme costs always vary but the average price range is $60 – $80USD.Price of WordPress theme


These are the basic steps that I take before I buy a WordPress theme.  Hope this helps!

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