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Blog writer’s block? 3 systems to help you with blog post ideas.

So what in the world should you blog about?  I have recently started blogging and found myself asking that very question.   To overcome that issue, I have setup 3 systems which help me generate blog ideas that will engage my website visitors.

  1. Set up Google Alerts

    Google Alerts is a free service from Google that has many uses. When it comes to inspiring blog ideas, I use Google Alerts to notify me of content published to the internet that use specific keywords.  So whenever an article is published with a keyword phrase of “website marketing” I will get an email notification with a link to the article(s).Not all articles will be relevant, but you can briefly skim over the titles and who they are written by to see if an article stands out.  If it does you can read the article and possibly be able to get some ideas of what you could write about.  The other option is if the article is amazingly well written and has great value to your clients, then all you need to do is write a quick summary of the article, include your opinions and then link to the article itself.

    On a completely unrelated note you can also use Google Alerts to “listen” for when your business name or personal name is being published online!Read instructions on how to setup Google Alerts

  2. Google Search Console Add-on to Google Analytics

    Google Analytics track keywords that people used to find your website however when you look for this data in Google Analytics most of the results are shown as (not provided) or (not set).This is for a variety of reasons that I will not get into in this post.  There is a way to unlock the keyword term results through the add-on called Google Search Console.When you know what keywords people are searching for, you can then start to craft more blog posts using the terms that people are searching for.

    Watch a video on how to link Google Search Console to Google Analytics

    Once Google Search Console is setup you can actually have reports sent to you on a periodic basis so that the information comes straight into your inbox.

    View image with step by step instructions to setup automatic Google Search Console reports from your Google Analytics account.

    Step by step screen shot on how to enable automatic reports from Google Search Console

  3. Subscribe to other blog posts

    You can use the power of your website browser to subscribe to different blog posts and then you can review the latest blog posts in one location to see what’s trending. You can subscribe to your competitor’s blogs as well as ones that are complimentary to your business.

    Another reason to review blog posts from businesses that offer complimentary services to your business, is that if you find a specific article that you think is particularly good you can always share this article in your social media to offer up more value-add information to your followers.

    Watch a video on how to subscribe to blog posts in Firefox Browser

Hopefully these three systems will help you gather ideas and simplify what blog topics to write about.

If you know of anyone that is struggling with coming up with blog ideas, please share this article with them.  As well if you have other systems that you use, please post your systems below.  I would love to hear about them.

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