Our Website Strategist

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress;
working together is success.”
Henry Ford

Tanya Riemann

I’m Tanya Riemann, the founder of Platypi Designs Inc.

In October 2002, I started this website design business in Guelph, Ontario.  Since then I have grown a lot as a website designer as well as a business person.  Combining my business and website design knowledge has allowed me to strategize with my clients to create websites that exceed their expectations.

In April 2013, I moved to Edmonton, Alberta and continue to operate Platypi Designs from here.  Today I continue to have a strong presence in Guelph as well as in Edmonton.  In 2017, Platypi became an international company by gaining a client in Adelaide, Australia.

My style of doing business is relatively casual but extremely professional.  I like to be relaxed, open and honest in business meetings.

I pride myself on not being “just a web site designer” but earning a person’s trust so that I become a valued business associate and perhaps, down the road, a friend.