Our Team

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress;
working together is success.”
Henry Ford

Website Strategist | Founder: Tanya Riemann

Website Strategist Tanya Riemann
Tanya Riemann

I’m Tanya Riemann, the founder of Platypi Designs Inc.

In October 2002, I started this website design business in Guelph, Ontario.  Since then I have grown a lot as a website designer as well as a business person.  Combining my business and website design knowledge has allowed me to strategize with my clients to create websites that exceed their expectations.

In April 2013, I moved to Edmonton, Alberta and continue to operate Platypi Designs from here.  Today I continue to have a strong presence in Guelph as well as in Edmonton.  In 2017, Platypi started to do business in Australia.

My style of doing business is relatively casual but extremely professional.  I like to be relaxed, open and honest in business meetings.

I pride myself on not being “just a website designer” but earning a person’s trust so that I become a valued business associate and perhaps, down the road, a friend.

Account Executive: Michael Kroll

Account Executive Michael Kroll
Michael Kroll

I’m Michael Kroll and I’m the Account Executive at Platypi Designs.

First, I’d like to share with you a little of my background. I am a University of Alberta graduate and I majored in Sociology and minored in Psychology. The reason I went into those disciplines was because I have always wanted to build real and authentic relationships. As such, understanding the human condition was, for me, the best way I could understand how to connect with people and be able to express myself in a way that touch, moved and inspired them.

Through that, I took it upon myself to be in sales not so I could “sell” something to someone but rather, so I could connect with them and truly help them. This led me to want to be involved with Platypi because they took the same approach with their clients and it was lead by a true entrepreneur.

My motto is that true, professional sales has everything to do with building something, being true to oneself and being true about the business one represents. Through this, I can achieve success in my role through my unique ability to build honest business relationships that serve the businesses I interact with and providing my clients with services that will truly help them.

I look forward to learning more about you and your business and help you achieve something extraordinary with your website!

Account Executive: Brittany Taylor

Brittany Taylor
Brittany Taylor

As a professional in the field of account development and building business relationships, I thrive in an environment that allows me to truly provide solutions that can help those that I serve. Having been in management roles as well as sales positions, I am able to bring a level of professionalism and organization that allows me to be successful in my role and deliver only the best results for my clients.

In my spare time, I enjoy horseback riding, running in the river valley as well as taking up new challenges so that I am always learning. Last but not least, I love the city of Edmonton and am always exploring this amazing city as I am constantly finding new places I enjoy.