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If you’re a journalist working on an article and need a quick quote or insight, please email or call 1 855 454 9136. We love talking tech and website strategy and will get back to you as soon as possible.

About Platypi Designs

Platypi Designs is a boutique website design firm specializing in developing websites that allow prospects and clients to connect with businesses in a more meaningful way. We do this by understanding and collaborating with the business owners we work with by including them in the planning and design process as well as using website statistics and today’s design principles to guide the website strategy.

The founder, Tanya, is available for interviews and is well-known for her ability to connect personally with her clients as well as her contagious passion for website statistics.

Media Mentions

We are currently working on sharing our passion and knowledge about website design with the media.  Stay tuned for Platypi media mentions.