Our Core Values

Since 2002, these four principles have shaped the foundation and success of Platypi Designs Inc.  Today, these continue to guide us as we serve you and your business.


Throughout your time working with us you can expect us to be honest with you.  Honest discussions lead to the right decisions being made on both sides.

Always Add Value

In each project discussion we strive to offer a new idea, way of thinking, or method that will help you progress with your upcoming website tasks.


For a project to be successful, it is essential that your time, expertise and opinions are valued and respected.


We value your opinions and ideas.  Through open discussions we can blend your ideas with our technical knowledge and produce great results.


We've only just met so you might have questions. Experience what we're like.

Are you unsure of our dedication and commitment to you and your business? That’s ok, we’ve only just met.

Get a taste of the Platypi experience by requesting a free video where Tanya, our experienced website strategist, will assess your website design and provide insights and ideas for improvement.  No strings attached!

We promise you will get at least one idea that can help your business.

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