About Platypi

Our mission is to allow clients to connect with you in a more meaningful way online. We do this by understanding your business, collaborating with you and providing the experience and creativity you need.

Building Ongoing Trusted Relationships

Since 2002 we have been working with clients to create engaging websites that support and strengthen their businesses.  Our guiding principles of honesty, always add value, respect and collaboration ensure that our clients always feel appreciated and supported as we combine their industry knowledge with our creativity to produce websites that build trust with their clients.

Your Opinions and Ideas are Valued

When you choose to do business with Platypi, you become a partner in the entire process.  Our design process includes a variety of discussions including design preferences, defining the target audience(s), content creation strategy and WordPress training.  While we, at Platypi, are creative, we also very structured in our processes.  We offer clear, frequent communication and timelines to achieve your goals.

We've only just met so you might have questions. Experience what we're like.

Are you unsure of our dedication and commitment to you and your business? That’s ok, we’ve only just met.

Get a taste of the Platypi experience by requesting a free video where Tanya, our experienced website strategist, will assess your website design and provide insights and ideas for improvement.  No strings attached!

We promise you will get at least one idea that can help your business.

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