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4 minute video tip on how to maximize online and offline efforts

In the video below we introduce you to a feature of Google Analytics called Annotations.  Annotations are a great way to log your all your online and offline marketing efforts.

Why would you want to take this extra step?
Here’s a real world scenario you might relate to!

Let’s say on April 17, 2017 you sent out an email newsletter to your list.  Fast forward to today, July 8, 2017, you finally took some time to look at your website statistics through Google Analytics.  You see a decent spike in traffic April 17-19.  You think about April 17 and can’t remember what you did that day.  Maybe you should start looking around at all your systems (Facebook stats, Twitter stats, Google Adwords stats, MailChimp stats, etc.) to see what happened on April 17.

Sounds time consuming…..wouldn’t it have been easier to go into Google Analytics on April 17 to annotate on your timeline that you sent out a newsletter?

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