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2 Easy Steps to a Google Analytics Report

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While Google Analytics has a couple of options for more comprehensive custom reports (through Google Analytics directly or Google Data Studio) you would have to know what a metric and a dimension is as well as filters and views in order to be able to create custom report.   For most people this isn’t common knowledge.

But what if you could leverage your standard Google Analtyics account to send you default reports?   Google Analtyics has a handy Share tool that will allow you to send default reports to yourself and others AND it’s easy to setup!

We all know the saying “Out of site out of mind”, right?  We believe that starting with setting up these kinds of reports will help you keep your website top of mind.

For example:

In the screen shot below I have found the information in Audience > Overview display useful for the date range of “last month” or in this case January 2018.    So I want to have this information sent to me on a regular basis.  If you look in the  right hand corner there is a Share button.

Step 1: Click Share button

Google Analytics Audience Overview Screen
Click to view larger image

When you click on the Share button you will get the following screen.

Step 2:  Fill in the necessary details to get the report to send to an email address

Fill in your email, keep or update the email subject line, choose the file format you would like and then select the frequency for this information.

Google Analytics Share Settings
Click to view larger image

NOTE: Exception to the Rule

Of the areas that I use frequently in Google Analytics the only display that I can see that does not have a share button is Behavior > Behavior Flow.

Google Analytics Behavior Flow
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Hopefully this will help you keep your website statistics top of mind!

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